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UK Immigration & Nationality

We offer full support and service in relation to all immigration matters.

We can assist in preparing and planning a visa application to appeal to the highest court in the land.
Our lawyers have extensive experience and speak your language and know your country and how the local embassies and consulates operate.

We can assist with all your immigration and nationality needs
- Point based visa (Student, entrepreneur, investor ... )
- Marriage and fiance applications
- Asylum and human rights applications
- EU National and their family members
- ILR - Indefinite leave to remain
- ILR - Long Residence
- British citizenship
- Halt Deportation

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We have registered agents who work with the UK Border Agency for the same-day service also known as fast-track service, we can submit cases on your behalf directly to the UK Border Agency and get a result on the application within a day.

Often UK Visa applications can take months to process and at the end get refused. We can assist with not only the application process and completing everything on your behalf so that your application has the best chance of being approved. We can assist you with the complete process from the assessment of your case, completion of your application and advice on documentation and evidence being submitted to the booking of your fast track service.

Not only does this offer you peace of mind with the complete visa process, but also means you won't be waiting too long to obtain the outcome of your application.

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Commercial Law

Our lawyers have expert knowledge of the legal framework in their local jurisdictions as well as strong commercial and contract drafting skills.
We offer specialists who understand the unique legal and business requirements of specific Industry sectors and who bring an international perspective that accommodates the increasingly common cross border nature of many deals and contractual matters such as:

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Company Law

Our company law team offer a fully integrated service, advising not only in relation to business issues (with experts on commodities and IT/technology), but also in relation to corporate transactions, finance and banking. They work closely with the other commercial teams at the employment, business immigration, dispute resolution and real estate sectors, and as a result their advice is always tailored to the sector in which a client operates. Our aim is to understand the business of our clients, and to play a valuable role in helping to achieve their long term goals.

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Employment Law

Employment law affects everyone regardless of their creed, as it deals with the relationship between employers and employees. So anyone could find themselves needing legal assistance. However Muslims are more likely to encounter problems. Some attribute this to the impact that race, religion, social and cultural factors have on this relationship. Employment problems can lead to family breakdowna and ill health.

Muslim Difficulties
One of the favourite places to have the team meeting outside of the office is the local pub. As Muslims are not allowed to be in places associated with alcohol, this can put them at a disadvantage, even lose their job for not homogenising sufficiently with the team.

Other areas that can cause difficulties include, free mixing, dress code, dietary requirements, lack of prayer facilities, respecting Muslim religious holidays, dealing with prohibited products and services.

So it is important for Muslims to be legally aware of their rights and responsibilities.

We have solicitors who have extensive employment work experience; we are working with lawyers and barristers who are based in the financial and business centre.

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Consumer Contract Law

Agreements between consumers (general public) and the sellers of goods and services (service providers and business) tend to be consumer contracts. Our Lawyers will be able to advise you on all consumer related disputes and considerations to take into account when drafting or dealing with such contracts. Some of these issues may be the same as commercial contracts, for example, exclusion or limitation of liability clauses. However, the law governing the enforceability of these types of clauses varies depending on whether they are being used in business to business or contracts with the general public (standard terms contracts).

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Finance and Debt Law

Finance and Debt Law looks at how a company may raise money to meet its financial needs or an financial injection to grow and expand.

Lawyers are needed to consider the legal implications of such deals on the company and its shareholders.

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Family & Matrimonial Law

Our Family Department comprises a professional, efficient team with a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of Family Law. Our overriding priority is to listen to all of the issues in your case and explore the best way of resolving your problems. This could be through negotiation or conciliation, or by application to the courts.

We always encourage parties to consider a negotiated settlement where possible, if children are involved its always best if the parents put the needs of the child first.

We can assist with contested and uncontested divorce proceedings as well as Nullity, Judicial Separation and arrangements for children.

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Wills and Probate Law

Making a Will and planning for the future can seem like something to be put off until we are much older. However, without a will your dependants and relatives will be left in a vulnerable and unprepared situation at a time of great difficulty.

You can avoid this situation arising, however, with the personal and friendly service you will receive from the Wills and Probate Department. We can offer a full service covering all aspects of the administration or limit our advice according to the help or assistance you require.

We also specialise in providing advice to individuals looking forward to retirement, ensuring that their affairs are all managed and that they have done all they can to minimise their tax liability.

We can help with drafting your Will, as well as provide expert advice on the following issues:

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Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury solicitors take accident and personal injury cases on a no win, no fee basis (also known as CFA) which ensures you receive 100% of the compensation that you are awarded. Our service is completely free to you, our fees are paid by the other side.

We can help you from start to finish of your claim, as well as provide expert advice on the following issues:

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Crime and Police Action

Making a complaint against the police is difficult.

You can avoid this situation arising, however, with the personal and friendly service you will receive from the police action Department. We can offer a full service covering all aspects of the administration or limit our advice according to the help or assistance you require.

We also specialise in providing advice to individuals who have suffered ill tratment from the UK police. Most people would think that making a claim against the police constabulary is an extremely difficult thing to do, however sometimes the police do make mistakes and there are laws to protect your rights.
Our Litigation team has considerable experience in bringing actions against the Police including unreasonable force, unlawful arrest and unlawful detention. We can ensure that your rights are protected and pursued and where appropriate damages recovered from the police.

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Oil and Gas Law

Making the most of your Oil and Gas business

An experienced Oil and Gas Lawyer is crucial for developing and protecting your energy and mineral interests, oil leases, gas leases, exploration efforts, and setting up your oil and gas related business.
When you need a lawyer to assist with oil, gas and other mineral law, Muslim Lawyer can handle your needs, whether you are an operator or simply chasing down division orders for your oil and gas leases.

We will be happy to your handle Oil and Gas Litigation and other energy law related matters, including:

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Computer and IT law

Computer and IT law

An experienced computer and IT lawyer is crucial for this area where technical knowledge makes the difference between success and failure. We are able to assist with cases involving computer contracts, use of computers in business, e-commerce and associated matters.

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